Every step you take.

Strides is the revolutionary workout log where you can track every aspect of your training with minimal effort.

The training diary you've been looking for.

Filling your training log may feel like a second job. We are willing to change that with our unique, modern and somewhat minimalistic approach.

Log Every Step

With Strides you can log every step you take, backward or forward. Log your workouts, injuries and sick days with Strides.

Responsive UI

Your workouts are where you are. Thanks to our responsive design your Strides are easy to access on all devices.

Relatively Low Paywall

Unlike most other services, our free plan is very competent and sufficient for most users. And even if you decide to go with the premium plan, it's an affordable one.

Club Features

Compare your efforts to your teammates and see how they are doing. Fight for the spot on the top of your club's leaderboard.


Abilities to add your own workout types and modify your heart rate zones help you get the most out of Strides.

Smart Features

Strides implements various unique features such as multi-sport workouts to enhance user experience.

Work, Track, Analyze

Working out is only the beginning: to truly progress you must also be able to track and analyze your efforts.

From Athletes to Athletes

To ensure you are getting enough statistics out of your training, Strides is being developed together with professional athletes.

Explore the New World of Creativity

Interested in your average warm-up duration? Want to see if there is a pattern for when you get sick or injured? With Strides you will be able to analyze your training comprehensively, in ways you didn't think would be possible.


Choose a subscription plan that is best for your needs. Unlike most other services, our free plan is very competitive and sufficient for most users.

Strides Basic


  • Log workouts, injuries and sick days

  • Plan workouts

  • Create training programs

  • Add daily notes

  • Basic statistics

  • Coach access (1)

Strides Pro


Per Month
  • Log workouts, injuries and sick days

  • Plan workouts

  • Create training programs

  • Add daily notes

  • Advanced statistics

  • Coach access (unlimited)

  • Billed monthly

Strides for Teams

From 21.99€

Per Month
  • Free pro plan for all members

  • Pricing based on team size

  • Leaderboards

  • Priority support

  • Billed annually or monthly

  • Contact us for more information

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't hesitate to contact us if your question isn't covered!


Why should I purchase pro plan?

Even though our free plan is good enough for most users the pro plan is recommended for professional athletes and users who want even better statistics and analysation tools to track their progress. The pro plan also includes support for multiple coaches and club features.


Do I get the product instantly?

Your premium plan will become active as soon as the purchase is completed. No waiting, yay!


How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription easily at any time! Once at the dashboard, click your name on top right and choose "Profile". Then head to the "Subscriptions" tab.


What is the team plan?

Team plan is designed for teams and clubs. By purchasing a team license the athletes of your club will have access to the premium features for free. Athletes can also choose to share their workouts to other club members and compete against each other on the internal leaderboard.


Is my data portable?

We are planning to support as many file types as possible for importing workouts. A feature for exporting all your data is in the works too.


Are you planning to release mobile applications?

In fact we are! We have a native IOS application in development as well as a workout tracking app for the Apple Watch. Stay tuned for news!

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